Back from the Overland Track

I’m back from the Overland Track, a bit earlier than I expected, but after 8 days of hiking and camping it was simply enough, I didn’t feel the need to extend my walk.

And to be honest I started to get tired of camping food and smelling like two months out in the wilderness, so I decided to skip some of the possible side trips towards the end.

I had 8 fantastic days, 8 days of sunshine! Yes, not a single day of rain! On one or two days there was a bit of spray rain, or sometimes a little rain at night, but nothing worth mentioning, not even worth getting my rain jacket out. 8 days of almost perfect summer sunshine hiking weather, it couldn’t have been better.

It was absolutely wonderful even though it almost ended in a disaster because I totally overestimated my physical condition and underestimated the weight of my backpack. But in the end I didn’t give up and walked more than 80km through the wilderness (pretty well prepared wilderness).

I’ve taken hundreds of photos including a few videos, and after I arrived back home this afternoon and bandaged all my blisters and scratches, I bought some supplies for the next couple of days, so I can lock myself in here, work through my photo collection and finish my travel diary.

It was a huge trip, probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done, next to my cycling tour around (half of) Tasmania. I got a lot of helpful experience, I met a lot of nice people, I’ve seen so much, from tiger snake to platypus. On Christmas Eve I stood on top of Mount Ossa, the roof-top of Tasmania, and a possum almost stole my cooking equipment at Kia Ora.

Really strange feeling, only 12 hours ago I was walking through the forests at Lake St Clair, and now I’m working through more than 300 emails and messages, back in reality.