Hobart, I'm back!

Great news, I found a new job as web developer at an international tourism company in Hobart, and I therefore moved from Launceston to Hobart.

From this week on I am responsible for about a dozen of their websites, for design, further development, optimisation. It’s a full time job with a great perspective, they want to keep me as long as possible and even offered me an employer sponsorship for a longterm visa.

This means an incredible chance for me, it is the perfect step into the Australian media and IT market and I am also happy because I have a lot of responsibility, and people in my office are very nice. I can do the work that I like to do, web development and graphics design, with a lot of freedom to realise my own ideas and the opportunity to learn new technologies.

It also puts me in a great position for my Skilled Visa application. Hobart is a nice city to live in, and with a job from a Tasmanian company (or at least their IT department is in Tasmania) it might be possible to get a state sponsorship from the Tasmanian government. That’s awesome and it gives me a lot of confidence.

At the moment I am staying at a hostel that is just across the street from my office, maybe 100m distance. So I can leave my room at 8.29am and at 8.30am I’m in the office – doesn’t get much better. The owner of the hostel also owns the Arthouse in Launceston where I was staying before, so he knows me for quite some time already. I got my own private room and the rent is less than I paid in Launceston, pretty cool.

Looks like this is going to become one of the best weeks I had so far in Australia.