Job search, and visa options

I am still planting trees in Launceston. A few weeks ago I decided to leave Tasmania by the end of July and booked a flight to Sydney for 3rd August. But I’m currently not sure whether I will actually take that flight or not.

Originally I wanted to stay in Launceston as long as possible to work, and by doing so, complete as many days as possible from the period of 88 days that I have to work as a fruitpicker to qualify for a second Working Holiday Visa. A few weeks ago we had a lot of rain in Tasmania and I had several days off from work, so I was finally able to do detailed research about other visa options in Australia.

I think there may be a way for me to stay in Australia longterm by getting a Skilled Visa instead, and after obtaining some expert advice and reading through lots of information, it looks quite realistic that I might be allowed to stay in Australia at least for the next three years – I already started the necessary paperwork.

By getting a real working visa I wouldn’t need to apply for a second Working Holiday Visa and thus wouldn’t need to do farm work at all – although I would love to do more farm work or treeplanting work, working outdoors is fantastic.

I like my forestry job – at least as long as it’s not raining – but I simply don’t earn much money with it. That got me thinking a lot over the last few weeks and I finally decided to look for an office job, at least for some weeks or months if possible. I would love to stay in Tasmania, but unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find a job in IT or media here; the reason being simply that there is only a tiny market in Tassie. So I may need to apply for jobs in metropolitan areas that are far away, like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. But if I should get shortlisted, I may have to travel very far to attend an interview… complicated.

I have started looking for a job as a web designer or developer, but until I found one I will stay in Launceston and plant more trees. The Arthouse Hostel is a very good place to stay, I have free internet access and can do a lot of job searching. If I haven’t found a new job by 3rd August I will simply take the flight that I’ve already booked. There are plenty of media and IT jobs in Sydney, it’s probably an advantage to stay in the city where you apply for a job, so I will concentrate my job search on Sydney once I’m there. And I also have friends in Sydney, maybe that’s an advantage too.

So who knows what will happen in the next few weeks. Maybe I will find a new job in Tasmania. Maybe I will get shortlisted for a job in Brisbane… at least it would be a lot warmer there. If nothing should happen I will be in Sydney in four weeks – doesn’t sound too bad to me either.

In other news, I booked a ticket for the Overland Track. I will start walking on 20th December so I will spend Christmas in the wilderness between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair, it will be awesome!