Testing my new camera

Yesterday I got my new camera, a Panasonic FZ28, I was looking forward to it. 18x optical zoom, HD video recording and nice picture quality.

Today after work I decided to go for a short walk around the waterfront in Hobart to take some test pictures and try to find the right settings. I’m actually more of a snapshot guy, I always liked cameras where I can simply use the automatic mode for everything without spending lots of time to adjust the camera settings before I take a picture, simple point-and-shoot. That’s totally different to one of my friends in Germany who seems to carry about 20kg of camera lenses around with him, crazy! But his pictures are absolutely stunning, so it’s maybe worth it.

I was walking around the waterfront and took a few photos with different settings, and when I was on my way home I passed a small park near the Aquatic Centre. There were some of those super-colourful birds hopping on the ground, I’ve seen them before in a park in Sandy Bay and last time I was really upset that I didn’t have a camera to take a picture. It’s really funny to watch them, they always hang around in groups and seem to have a lot of fun. For me as a German it’s such a great feeling to see animals like that just around the corner from my place in the middle of the city. In Germany the common birds are nowhere near as colourful as the ones here, I really love them. Actually I already planned to walk to Sandy Bay again, just to look for these birds.

I was also thinking about doing a weekend trip to Bruny Island, but after a bit of research it turned out that it’s a difficult to get there and even more difficult to get around once I am on the island. So I’m currently thinking of maybe selling my ticket for Falls Festival and doing a second camping trip instead when I come back from the Overland Track. I’d like to hire a bicycle again, maybe for a week, cycle to Bruny and spend a couple of days on the island, cycling from campsite to campsite and doing some walks.