Visa application lodged

Wow, after more than six months of preparations, I finally lodged my Skilled Visa application today. Incredible how much work was necessary to get to this point, I can understand everyone who simply hires a migration agent to do all the work. When I started to think about applying for a new visa in Australia I was thinking about a second Working Holiday Visa first and it took me countless hours to read all the documentation, information, conditions etc in order to figure out if I am eligible for a Skilled Visa, and if yes, which one I need.

I could have hired a migration agent too, but I wanted to save the money and do it all myself. After all, it’s definitly feasible to do it all by yourself, but you need to be talented in organisation and patience, need to be willing to read so much information and text, it’s not funny. In the end, even without a migration agent it probably cost me more than $3,500 to lodge this application, so much money was necessary to do tests, examinations or get documents organised, including certified translations.

Interesting is, I can understand pretty much every detail of this application process and all the documents I needed to provide, there’s nothing where I would say it was completely unreasonable from a government point of view – it’s just an interesting experience and I can imagine that a lot of people are struggling to manage such an application process.

And I always need to remember it will only be a 3 year visa, and I need to stay in lovely Tasmania, which I’m totally happy with. In 2-3 years I will get the chance to apply for permanent residency, and I really don’t hope I have to go through all this again, but I don’t want to think about it yet. My current application is not even completely finished. What I still need to do now is scan several documents and attaching them to my online application. Then I will check every couple of days to see if the status of my application has changed and if more documents are required.

Will be interesting to see how long the processing times actually are. It can take up to six months but as I already have all the necessary documents I don’t expect it to take so long. For now at least I received a bridging visa, which is issued automatically when the skilled visa application is lodged. It will be valid until the application was processed, so I don’t need to worry about my current visa anymore, which would have run out in six weeks. As soon as my working holiday visa runs out, the bridging visa will become effective.