Overland Track – Day 8

Echo Point to Lake St Clair Visitor Centre

My last day on the Overland Track, somehow I was sad that everything was over soon – on the other hand I was looking forward to returning home, taking off that heavy backpack, having a shower and working through all my photos.

Around 8.30am I left Echo Point and tried to walk to Lake St Clair visitor centre relatively quick, since the bus to Hobart was due to leave at 11.45am and I didn’t have a ticket yet. Most people would book in advance, but as I didn’t know when I would end my walk I didn’t book a return ticket. The walk would take around 3 hours.

Even though I had to walk fast I really enjoyed this last part of the walk. Sometimes it was like walking through the jungle, beautiful scenery.

Overland Track
Overland Track

I only needed little more than two hours to Lake St Clair visitor centre. There I used the public phone to call Tassielink and booked a seat at the bus. In the end it wasn’t really necessary – even though it’s only a small bus for 20 people there were lots of seats left and I had to pay the driver in cash anyway.

From the bus I could see two echidnas on the side of the road. I hadn’t seen a single one on the track, but I did see several ones before in Australia.

When I was back in Hobart I noticed the difference in temperature, summer had arrived there and with my fleece jacket I looked kind of weird. It’s definitely colder at Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair than it is in the city, but it’s more like a difference in climate than in temperature alone. Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair are located about 1000m higher above sea level than Hobart. Personally I found the climate in the mountains much more pleasing than in the city, maybe it’s the different air pressure or humidity.