My Ducati Streetfighter project

I’m posting a lot of motorcycle stuff lately. Since I joined the Ducati club I not only met a lot of great like-minded people, and got the chance to ride more often, but I also discovered how much more fun motorcycling is when you treat your bike as an ongoing project.

Every guy needs some kind of project, just to keep busy. Some people do gardening or house renovations, others spend their weekends pimping their Commodores and Falcons.

Until a few months ago, I didn’t really feel the need to change much on the Streetfighter at all, because it seemed good enough the way it was. I also didn’t ride very much and spent more time hiking and bushwalking. Over the last months though I changed quite a few things on the bike, and it provides me with a lot of joy to see the progress. I thought it would be great to keep track of the evolution of my bike by dedicating a page to it here.

To anyone who is interested in a Ducati Streetfighter, or maybe already has one, or just out of curiosity, check out this page where I’ve written up all the things I’ve modified or changed on my bike so far.

And to all those who might follow my blog and are not interested in motorcycles, I’ve got quite a few plans for camping and bushwalking over the next months, including new camera equipment just for bird and wildlife photography. So don’t go away :).