Bells Beach to Point Addis walk

Easy 12 km walk in the Great Otway National Park

On the Queens Birthday public holiday the weather was beautiful and so we went on a short drive to Torquay to walk from Bells Beach to Addis Point, inspired by an article published by ABC News only days earlier about the best walks in Victoria. It’s a section of the longer Surf Coast Walk.

After some difficulties finding the proper start of the track – it’s possible to start at Bells Beach, but the actual start was a bit further down the road from a parking area near the nudist beach – we grabbed our backpacks, put on more sunscreen and soon we were on our way.

The windy conditions at Bells Beach led us to leave our hats in the car, which wasn’t a good decision. All of the walk down to Point Addis was quite a sheltered inland walk without much wind.

Bells Beach to Point Addis track
Bells Beach to Point Addis track

It was a beautiful and easy walk among nice vegetation. I anticipated a lot of people given it was a public holiday and given the ABC News article, but it was still surprisingly quiet.

This may not be possible at high tide, but from Point Addis we walked back on the beach, rather than the way we came in. It was much shorter and very beautiful, but cold and windy on the day.

To our surprise – given the cold day that saw me wearing down jacket – there was actually one lonely nudist enjoying the nudist beach. And for whatever reason he positioned himself as close as possible to the walk way that leads from the beach up to the car park, so there was really no escaping the ‘view’.

View to Point Addis
View to Point Addis

The only negative on this walk was that dogs are allowed even on the tracks inside the National Park, and like so often in Victoria, 4 out of 5 dog owners ignored all the signs and didn’t keep them on a leash. Likely because of that we didn’t see any wildlife, and hardly any birds.

I don’t know exactly how long the walk was, but the Health app on my iPhone recorded about 12km distance and nearly 20,000 steps. We walked about 3-4h, so it was a very satisfying afternoon walk.

More photos in the album Bells Beach to Point Addis walk.